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Oct 2016
Netsweeper (2015) does not do a good job of filtering Windows 10 (Edge Browser) or windows 8. HTTPS internet could not be filtered at all so many google links and services were blocked resulting in users needing to find alternatives (Bing search, here maps etc)
A new filter ,Security Appliance was tested and was put into service since July 2016.This Filter was built over the past 10 years by a Christian organization in USA. This filter can filter google searches and etc,using a unique "scoring" system by which all web searches and sites are graded mathematically to arrive at a block/allow decision. This method has proven to work very well in separating entertainment and pop culture from necessary web usage.
Example: the word "horse" may score 700 for "racing",and be blocked
the word "fence" may score 2000 for "agriculture" and be allowed
The phrase "horse fence" might then score 1300 for agriculture, and be allowed.
Moral: keep typing so filter knows what you are looking for.
See news page for install

If problems occur with sending or receiving emails, it may be due to a recent software update on your computer. Netsweeper is constantly working to try to accomodate new software. Please let us know if you experience such an issue and try to recall if your problems began after a specific update


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