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Aug 19
Beware of fake MWPOL invoices coming in the form of (click here to receive latest invoice)

Aug 19
Android devices that are using Security Appliance filter will lose access to Google maps app if software is updated to 7.x.x. The 6 OS does not have this problem. The maps issue comes from a security change Google has made in the way it reads certificates.
For best operation of Samsung phones, do not update to OS- 7

April 25 2017
Security Appliances "human review" option on a block page is to be used where a site is obviously not categorized properly.
Example: in category "violence", should be sent to human review is a dairy industry website..

Oct 21
New Security Appliance Filter is up and running, works with Windows PC, Blackberry, Iphone and Samsung
For Computer install, you will need Teamviewer, and Proxycap installed on your computer ( see links page)
Contact MWPOL administrators for setup

Aug 15
If you have problems with present Netsweeper filter, contact MWPOL for possible switch to new "Security Appliance" which allows for more flexibility with Google, Google maps etc. WIndows 10 edge browser also filtered with this system

Feb 11
Check MWPOL Phone purchasing guide to see compatability with MWPOL filter solutions

Feb 10
Enrolling a Blackberry 10 phone to BES12 click here

Nov 11
Trying to save contacts and files from any phone to move to Blackberry 10? Use the "Device Switch" app found in the app store

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