Blackberry10 to BES enrolment
Enrolling device on BES will completely wipe phone, all contacts, files, pictures, accounts and apps will be removed.
Contacts will return at email setup if they were stored in an exchange server ( mwpol Office365) .
To enroll, go to Settings> accounts> EmailContactsCalendar (add new account),

enter your mwpol registered email address. ( (or one given by administrator)

Press Next

Enter password : azazazaz , ( this is a onetime enrollment password that needs to be reset if connection is broken in future)


Phone will proceed to connect to server and various connections. You will be asked whether it is okay to wipe device ( yes)

After restart, device will demand a new password ( keep it simple, you will need to enter this password to open phone after phone was dormant for 60 minutes)

You will also receive a message in the hub instructing you to enter your email account password into the account you just created (
After password entered , device should start loading emails from the past 30 days

Questions or problems: Merle, 519 501 2562

(S52440778 server address sometimes needed in an advanced setup)